Your online gallery will be active for one full year after your wedding date and you, your friends and family can purchase various sized prints via your gallery.


Once you download your images we recommend you copy them on to a hard drive and also to make sure you have a copy at another location (eg Parent's house).  We can't recommend enough storing multiple copies in different places.   We hold a copy of your images for 1 year after your wedding date and we know that hard drives can stop working and accidents in the home do happen so please.. protect your images and back them up.


Please enjoy sharing your photos with friends and family.. and also, on places like facebook and instagram.  Your images are yours to share but all we ask is that images aren't altered or edited in any way (including instagram filters).  We also love seeing our images out 'in the wild' so if you can, we love to be tagged in them.. :)


The best way to preserve your photos is to print them.  Many of our couples come back to us.. months, some even years after and we want to do everything we can to help all our couples have something tangible, something that will stay in your family for generations.  We've sourced the most beautiful wedding books that deserve to be looked at and enjoyed over and over again...

To order your wedding book all you guys have to do is choose your favourites via your gallery and email them to us and we'll get designing..

Drop us a line below for more info re. album sizing & pricing.