You little beauties! We are so happy that we get to photograph your gorgeous faces!  You can now officially tick PHOTOGRAPHERS off your to do list!


So there's just a couple of things that we'll need from you guys before your wedding day.. 

Closer to the day the two main things will be a final schedule and a list of family photos.  If at any point you want to chat about timings or need advice on how long things can take then please.. USE US!  We can email, skype, call as much as you need.. we love to see your faces and hear about your plans and then when it comes to the day itself.. you really do have two extra mates hanging out that just happen to have cameras.

We also love to have a quick skype, say a week before the wedding.. to catch up with you both and to make sure we've got everything we need.. 


Your final balance is due the 1st day of the previous month to your wedding (eg If your wedding is in May your balance is due by the 1st April) and we'll send you a quick reminder a couple of weeks before it's due.  


Your photos will be ready within 6 weeks of your wedding!  We'll send you an email which will have a link to your slideshow (which you have to pinky promise to watch together!) and another link to your online gallery.  Your photos can then be downloaded from your gallery, all high resolution and you can either buy prints via us or use your files to print elsewhere.  If you have an album in your package then we can also start the process of choosing your images ready for the design!



We also love recommending people that we know will look after you.. so if you need a florist, a MUA.. transport, a band.. anything really.. just give us a shout..


We cannot wait to watch you get married!!!

Em and Pete xxx