We love that all our weddings are a wonderful eclectic, exciting mix of styles, culture, location and size but at the heart of each and every one are good people.. closely followed by good food, good music and a bloody good knees up.   We love to be creative.. we have a definite style.. we're drawn to certain things and if you feel the same way then we hope that means our paths will cross, we get to watch you get married.. and then, our favourite bit, we get to give you the whole day again.. and again.. 

"Let's just get good at really seeing people and telling a bloody good story"

Trying to sum up exactly how we feel about shooting weddings is always a tough one.  I guess the best way is for us to ask you to really look at our work.. see what we're drawn to.. how do the people in our photographs look?  How does our work make you feel?...



If you'd like to chat about your wedding and find out more about how we work then head over to our CONTACTS page and drop us a message.  We'd love to hear about what you have planned...