This image encapsulates all of the things I hold dear in one place. It was taken on a day trip to an Irish heritage museum in Northern Ireland back in May this year with my parents Des and Di who have been married for 51 years, they have lived an eventful life together and stuck it through, no matter what life threw at them. We rarely get a chance to spend quality time anymore, so this was a wonderful and rare experience we wanted to cherish. We had a cream tea, a lovely and very traditionally British pastime, of drinking a huge pot of tea, with scones, jam and clotted cream. Looking back pretty much every event in my life growing up was signified through pots of tea, good times, bad times.

This photograph is also a huge reminder to me of where I’m from. My Dad is from Belfast and although I had many family holidays to Ireland as a child I hadn’t been back to Belfast as an adult, so going back last year made me feel very privileged to have this history in me, I felt very proud and routed to a place, with an enormous a sense of home.

Also in this picture is my great Aunt Peg, she is 96 years old, extremely bright and funny and intelligent, she is a real treat to spend time with, I long to be as old and wise and full of life as my great Aunt Peg..

And finally there is my Emma, she is my world and my home, and now deeply connected to these very real and raw parts of my life. So wrapped up in this picture is everything I hold dear and important in terms of my hopes and dreams for the future, and the appreciation of the simple treasures of life.

Pete x