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2016.. all the colours..

Since becoming Parents to Frank, I don't think either of us have ever felt so vulnerable and so bullet proof all at the same time.  It's like our senses have been turned up and everything is stronger, deeper.. more colourful.

It's quite a powerful thing when you have a creative outlet to be able to physically express something.. to be able to look at something tangible that explains how you're feeling far better than you could ever express in words..

..and to do that you have to be honest.. but you know, sometimes it's easy to be swayed this way and that.. to shoot in a certain way.. to concentrate on certain things..

Frank has reminded us to keep that honesty and stay true to ourselves.  To shoot exactly what we feel..

Part One we went black and white but for Part Two.. it's full of colour..

This post is dedicated to the wonderful Emma May Cutler..

2016.. let's go black and white..

This year has somehow felt the most freeing for the both of us.. and although we have had lots of things going on personally (we became Parents to Frank, we moved house etc).. I think we feel more certain about our voice more than ever.  We really love our work.. and that feels pretty weird to say.  I guess it feels in the same way as when you get older and you become more comfortable in your own skin, more comfortable with who you are.  Of course we get frustrated, the same as everybody when it comes to things like technical ability etc.. but at the same time we feel at peace that that side of things will always be a journey.. and we'll always be learning, evolving...

But we love our work because we feel every single image.  Every connection.. whether that be physical.. eyes, hands.. or all those underlying connections that makes us family.. makes us friends.. makes us humans.  We understand how something feels when you have everyone you love in one room, when your Nan wraps both hands around your face, when your kid's toes are the podgiest thing you've ever seen and you still look at him and can't believe he's all yours.  We understand the love we have for our Parents.. the absolute devotion we have for our children.. the crazy memories we've shared with our friends..

We see us and our life in all our couples.. in all our families.  We know how it ALL feels and we treasure it all.  We know that often it's the most normal, everyday things that are the most important.. the stuff that is worth savouring.. and we think it's all beautiful and all worth capturing.. 

So here's everything that we love.  The connections that make us.. the connections we feel are important.. 

Oh.. and trying to cut your favourites down is so bloomin' hard.. (especially when you're full of roast potatoes and sprouts).. so heres part one.. and we thought we'd stick to black and white for this one.. 

You can now find our Part Two (full of colour).. HERE