2017 // Let's go black and white...


So.. every year around this time we start putting together our 'end of year' post.  A selection of some of our favourite images from the past 12 months.  As we began to think about putting one together for this year we began gathering images and one word just kept jumping out at us.


We're drawn to joy.  We want our couples and their families to look back at their photos and really feel that joy.  And we want anyone looking at our work to realise they're actually smiling whilst they're looking.. :)  We've had such a lovely year shooting such a wonderful variety of weddings and looking through the images.. each wedding, our couples (and their friends and family) brought SO much joy to the table.  Genuine love for the people around them.. kind, humble, happy and just deeply beautiful from the inside out.  And their weddings were perfect reflections of that.  Joyous, happy, relaxed, emotional and centred around the stuff that really matters.  And as photographers (and ones that are just about to step in to our 9th year!?!) we really love to focus on the images that we know our couples and their families will genuinely cherish years down the line.. photos that we would want of our own family and of our own wedding day.  Photos that really tell the story and take them back to how it felt to be there.  And I really hope that's what we give each and every one of them..