We asked all of our wedding couples to post their most precious photograph from their wedding using the hashtag #whatmattersmost and we asked for a description of why that image meant the most to them.  It's something that is incredibly important to us and after seeing the photos that were being chosen.. it's beautiful to see.. just which photos are the most treasured.. which ones will carry on.. which matter most. .


Jess + Ian

"This photo captured the care and love with which Ian has found his place in our family - a daunting task, at times!  He's a wonderful stepdad, and I'm overcome at the thought that in a few weeks time he'll be a father too.." #whatmattersmost


Kimberley + Tim

"#whatmattersmost is this image shows that, amazingly he was still there with us on our day, my dad.."


Beth + Robin

"This is the first photograph we got a sneak of whilst we were on honeymoon so it reminds me of being in Thailand, but it is the atmosphere captured in this that makes my heart sing.  The day was like a dream and this photo takes me back there.. #whatmattersmost"


Amy + Ray

"#whatmattersmost to us is being silly in each other's company and being able to laugh at ourselves."

Lee + Lauren

"#whatmattersmost - Just married in a room full of our family and friends, happy face, leaving that room as a happy couple with our happy song playing in the background.  I think the big smiles sum up how we felt in that moment!"

Ruth + Tone

"I can't think of a better photo to sum up #whatmattersmost on your wedding day- my best mate, husband and soul mate looking at me in a way that makes me want to cry every time. Plus he's so bloody handsome.."

Zoe + Charlie

"The moment when you marry the guy who makes you so happy that your face wants to do this....that's #whatmattersmost"