An open letter to our couples..

"We know that you’re hiring us to take photographs on your wedding day.. and we know that because you’re drawn to our work that you’re after relaxed, unfussy, honest and emotional images that show all the fun and all the love..

But.. we’re gonna give you more than that. We promise that we’ll arrive on your wedding day and it’ll feel like we’ve known you for ages. We’ll tell you if you have lipstick on your teeth.. we’ll help you with your button hole.. we’ll give you our shoes if you need to get in that field.. Pete will give you his jacket if you need to sit down on that bench (or his shoelaces if you forget yours - true story).

We’ll drive you to the ceremony.. run and get you a jack daniels and coke before your speech.. set up all the hay bales for your guests.. we’ll make having your photo taken easy peasy and normal and kinda fun.. we’ll fall in love with your Nan.. we’ll pull some shapes on the dance floor.. 

We’ll take your bridal party and make you all stand how you normally stand and look like you normally look.. but, kinda better.. and not awkward and if you’re lucky Pete might even fart in front of you (depending on how comfortable he feels – true story).

We’ll get to know your friends and family.. we’ll watch their mannerisms and their little quirks. We’ll understand what’s important to you.. and we’ll listen and watch and capture all those moments that will make your heart burst. Not just because they are moments on your wedding day.. but because we understand the moments that are important to you guys.

Basically we’ve got your back… and we want to do what seems impossible and make your wedding day even better. We know that having a camera in your face on your wedding day is kinda weird.. and we know that you just want to feel normal.. 

..normal.. but super special.. we promise to make you feel both."


You can take a look through our favourites galleries for a mix of what we do.. or head to our wedding stories to see some full weddings.  For details about prices, how we work etc then please get in touch and we can send over all the info you need..




Tiny moments.  The stuff that happens everyday.. the stuff that is part and parcel of just, life.  Whether you want to call it ordinary.. normal.. mundane even.. the stuff that is so often skipped over.. hurried along.. wished was made easier (or tidier).. but then when it's time to move on.. to the next chapter.. they are the most precious moments in the whole wide world.

It really isn't anything about what outfits need to be worn.. everyone in a good mood.. an immaculate house.  I'm just gonna sneak in.. stay in your pj's if you want.. I just want to capture exactly everything how it normally is..

Head over to our family galleries to view previous shoots and please get in touch via the contacts form if you'd like to book a session.