"Let's just get good at really seeing people and telling a bloody good story"


Trying to sum up exactly how we feel about shooting weddings is always a tough one.  I guess the best way is for us to ask you to really look at our work.. see what we're drawn to.. how do the people in our photographs look? How does our work make you feel?  One of the main things that we both seem to talk about a lot is.. "Can we see that person in our photographs?".. in other words.. are they being themselves?  Is it them?  This is really important to us.  Our main aim is to show 'you'... and your family and friends.. the quirks and the mannerisms.. you at your most comfortable with the people you love surrounding you. We want to get to know you.. understand what's important.. make you feel comfortable and enjoy the day with you. 

Yes, of course we have a style.. we love to be creative.. we're drawn to certain things and if these same things don't give you butterflies or don't make sense to you then we can definitely say, hand on heart that we're not the right photographers for you.  But what we're wanting to do with our work is to show you a 'feeling'.. our 'feeling' and hope that that will mean our paths will cross.. you become our couple and we get to watch you get married.. which is a pretty big event in someone's life to be a part of. 

We love that a wedding is both such an 'occasion' but also a day full of the most beautiful ordinaries.. all wonderfully intertwined.  And we love that we get to have a 'minute' in every ceremony to look round and see pure joy literally shining from everyone.. it's a pretty special energy to be surrounded with.  We love that all our weddings are a wonderful eclectic, exciting mix of styles, culture, location and size but at the heart of each and every one are good people closely followed by good food, good music and a bloody good knees up.  

We shoot a limited number of weddings per year to make sure that we can offer our couples the very best of us.

You can take a look through our WEDDING galleries to see our work and please get in touch via the CONTACTS form for more info about prices, how we work etc.  It would be lovely to hear from you..





Tiny moments.  The stuff that happens everyday.. the stuff that is part and parcel of just, life.  Whether you want to call it ordinary.. normal.. mundane even.. the stuff that is so often skipped over.. hurried along.. wished was made easier (or tidier).. but then when it's time to move on.. to the next chapter.. they are the most precious moments in the whole wide world.

It really isn't anything about what outfits need to be worn.. everyone in a good mood.. an immaculate house.  I'm just gonna sneak in.. stay in your pj's if you want.. I just want to capture exactly everything how it normally is..

Head over to our THESE ARE THE DAYS and MORNING RITUALS galleries to view previous shoots and please get in touch via the CONTACTS form if you'd like to book a session.





We always like to approach things with the question.. "If it was me.. what would I want?".. and that's pretty much how all of our work is created.  For this project I wanted to create images of women that felt real and attainable.... because, to be honest, the whole idea of perfection is kinda screwed and actually makes me feel nothing.  I'm not connected to it.. it doesn't speak to me and it's not. bloody. real.

These sessions are therefore a bit of an open book.  Call it a boudoir shoot.. a bump shoot.. whatever you like.  For me it's about taking stock and actually marvelling at what we've got and who we are.. at this exact moment in time.  I want each session to be a total collaboration and the actual shoot experience, for me, to be just as important as the photographs that you'll get at the end of it.

Intimate portrait shoots for women shot on a mixture of film and digital.  You can head over to our FEMININE GALLERY to view a selection from previous shoots.  Please get in touch via the CONTACTS form if you'd like to book a session.