I have been lucky enough to not only really get to know Emma over the last few months but to work with her on a photo shoot too... and I have to say it was, no word of a lie, the most fun one I've ever done! Emma is hilarious, warm, friendly, easy-going and easy to get on with. She is inspiring, imaginative, thoughtful and ingenious. Her eye for detail and attention to the little things other photographers might miss is awe-inspiring.

Kat- Rock n' Roll Bride

Most of my family and friends spent half of our wedding asking how long we had known Emma and Pete and were astonished that we had never met them before. From the moment they came into my hotel room, with a whoop and a cheer and massive smiles, they were as much a part of the party as Leigh and I. They were super fun, relaxed and took some fabulous pictures. They understood what we wanted and were everywhere we needed them without us ever having to ask, all day and night. They were (almost) as excited about it all as we were and made us feel as though it was the most special day in the world (I'm pretty sure Emma even shed a tear during the service) - quite a feat when weddings are your bread and butter. They were bloody brilliant indeed.

Victoria & Leigh

The amazing thing about Emma is that you feel like you already know her before you even meet her face to face, So that's half the battle won! The idea of a stranger hovering around all day can be daunting, but Emma and Pete just felt like two more friends at the wedding. And as for the photos... Well in 50 years time we still won't be bored of looking at them! They look practically edible!

Caroline & Stewart

As soon as we saw Emma's website we wanted her to be our wedding photographer! Fortunately for us, she had a cancellation the weekend of our wedding otherwise we would have been gutted. She is a unique lady, who spends time getting to know her couples and taking incredible alternative wedding pictures. On the day itself, it's like having a mate take your wedding pics, she makes everyone feel so at ease and welcome. She chatted to loads of our guests and was really just part of the day. Our pictures really capture the atmosphere and ambience of the day and our "couple" pictures are a bit edgy rather than cheesy, which is exactly what we wanted. I have had plenty of requests for Emma's details so that must be a good sign. Thanks Em for making us feel so special.

Lucy & Nathan