For us, film is a completely wonderful and different discipline.  It's slow and considered.  It's precious yet unpredictable.  Film teaches us to slow down.. to appreciate.. to notice.. to take our time.  We love that we have to earn our relationship with each camera and the more you put in the more you get back.  We love that the flaws are exciting surprises and the 'perfect photograph' is everything and in-between.

We tend to shoot a lot of our personal work on film but we also love to incorporate it in to our weddings.  We find many of our couples are just as passionate about film and love to work with us to create a set of images that are totally unique and just a little bit magic..

Weddings on film



We offer an additional FILM package that can be an added as an extra to your wedding coverage.  This includes us shooting on a variety of different cameras and you receiving both the prints and the digital scans.  Drop us an email or fill our our CONTACT form for more details..