THAT carpet..

This image couldn't mean more to me. Revisiting our couples to take photos of their wonderful families is precious enough as it is. Getting to hang out with their mini versions.. being shown toys.. getting a hug and kiss goodbye.. and watching our couples being the most awesome Mummies and Daddies.. patience, kindness, tenderness.. silliness.. just wonderful role models for us as new parents.

And then I visit Jenn, Chris and Esme. The family with THAT carpet. The carpet that caused a bit of a stir. Carpetgate. (…/bit-of-old-carp…)

And I watch them play in the garden together.. read stories.. make lunch.. I watch them giggle and cuddle.. I watch them talk about Esme's new baby sister that is in Mummy's tummy.. and I watch Esme, Mummy (and bump) slide down the stairs on their bottoms.. over that carpet.. and I'm so bloody happy that another chapter in their lives is being seen and felt on that staircase..

How bloody wonderful...