We have a new website!!!

This has been a LONG time coming for us.  We have a new site!!!  It's definitely very different from our previous website but we felt that we had both evolved and grown so much.. we needed a space that reflected that.  This site is definitely more simple, more stripped back.. but what we love the most is being able to show the work.  We love how the galleries look.. we love the quality and size of the images and we love that we are able to show you guys, not just our weddings.. but our film work and our personal projects too.

This is now our seventh year shooting weddings and we couldn't be more grateful for both the wonderful adventures and the incredible family that it has given us.  Our couples, our peers, this community.. blimey guys.. you've given us the time of our lives and we are so very, very thankful for each and every one of you.

And now on to the next chapter.  The two of us are now three, a wee family.. and we simply cannot wait for Frank to meet you all..