Elsa + Pete // France

Elsa and Pete and their delightful families were the perfect combination of everything that is magical about French and Irish culture..... cue the dramatic Fort Saint-André in the picture postcard village of Salins-les-Bains in Eastern France. Combine that with incredible local food and wine, a bus load of Guinness including a pump with chiller to get the perfect pint... the most vivacious generations of guests who were all up for the celebration of the year.... during the meal as is custom, every table took turns to start a Mexican wave of cheers, saluts and sláinte around the room...as you can see by the insane amount of glasses raised cheers photos! (every photo shows a different wave) The Craic was mighty indeed!
Such a glorious celebration of life and love that we were honoured to be a part of...

Emma CaseComment