Campaigning for uninhibited, honest image taking and hugging like you mean it.


We are Emma and Pete.

We met on Myspace eleven years ago (yup, Myspace).  We've been shooting weddings together for just over eight years.. we've been married for six and have been parents to Frank for 18 months.   We've travelled the world and built a home together.. sometimes that's included physical walls and a roof.. but mainly it's just us, Frank and our cat Maximo.

Both of us are huge advocates for loving hard on the people around us and appreciating the memories we're making.  Which is kind of why we're here now.  This business of ours was a happy accident for both of us, something wonderful that emerged from something we love.. getting to know people.. and sharing their stories.  Over the past eight years we have been lucky to have been welcomed in to so many wonderful families.. and by sharing their story they've become a huge part of ours too...

Alongside shooting weddings we are also very passionate about teaching and we run our own workshops for photographers called Welcome Home.  We have also recently launched the IDo Community - an online community that gives creatives opportunities to give back by raising funds and raising awareness for charities and non-profits.

Emma is also fluent in British Sign Language and over the years we have shot a handful of Deaf weddings.


You can also visit Emma's PERSONAL site here.